Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, he is my favorite male Survivor of all-time, but thank God he won. The only other person that deserved consideration was Grant, and if it was Natalie or Philip, I might have quit watching Survivor all together. Boston Rob played a pretty flawless game, albeit overly paranoid at times. I just can't believe nobody tried to take him out earlier. Did anyone think that they had a chance against him in the final 3? Really? There's no way anyone but Grant stood a chance, and even then I think Grant might have only gotten 1 or 2 votes. I just can't believe Rob didn't win unanimously. Really Ralph? I guess I should have expected him to do something stupid, he can barely talk right and has the UGLIEST beard in history. But to not vote for Rob to win this season was unquestionably the dumbest thing he's done. Philip didn't even deserve to make it to the merge! The best part about the episode last night was the opening statements from the 3 finalists. Natalie and Philip both stated some version of being loyal to Rob as why they made it to the final 3. Trying to win a million bucks, but building up one of the other finalists is not the way to win. They both essentially said, "Yes, I'm sitting here, but only because of the guy in the middle. It wasn't my doing, it was his. Give him the million because I don't deserve it." I thought Ashley's statements were dumb, Julie was harsh on someone who didn't deserve it (Natalie) and David became my favorite Zap tribe member. I always liked David a little bit, and what he said was right. Rob was the only deserving and to vote otherwise would be stupid.

That being said, it closes out a great season of Survivor. This was one of the first Survivor seasons (at least that I can remember) where there was no "big move" by any player, no flipping come the merge, and the person most deserving actually won! I'm also just super excited for September (can't believe I have to wait 4 months!) and another season of Redemption Island. I liked the twist, but felt it should've ended at the merge. I like that people aren't always out when they get voted off, a twist that should be kept another season or two (kind of like Exile Island was around for a bit). The only thing is, I wonder who next season's returning players are. Are they from older seasons, or maybe someone like Brenda from Nicaragua? I feel like she has some unfinished business (to use Amazing Race's phrase) to take care of. All in all, I'm glad this show is going for a 23rd season. I think it's by far the best reality show on TV, and has the best host of any reality show as well.