Saturday, April 14, 2012

Survivor: One World

After a 10 month haitus we're back to blogging about Survivor! First of all, the idea of Men vs. Women wasn't the most original or brilliant idea, but it WAS working. I felt they switched up the tribes at the right time, but merged WAY too fast after that. It didn't really change the game *that* much to be worth doing since they merged the next episode. It seemed they wanted to end the men vs. women aspect but didn't want to merge that early. I dunno...but whatever. I'm only going to spend this blog talking about the two people who have played the game well in this season. Everyone else is a follower, so they don't deserve getting talked about in this blog. Maybe when there's less people to talk about as the season goes along we can discuss some of the lamer people left.

First person is Colton. Now I'm not saying I liked the way he was playing, or think he's an awesome person. I *am* saying he was playing a pretty good game. He was in control of the game. Nobody on his tribe liked him, but they did what he said. They didn't want to blindside him even though they could've easily done it. He got them to go to Tribal when the had IMMUNITY and all of them agreed to do it. Nobody had that kind of blatant control with no repercussions outside of Boston Rob EVER in this game. Now, it's sad for him he had to get his appendix out, but I'm glad I don't have to watch him anymore. I don't wish any sickness or disease on anyone, but I'm glad he's out of the game.

Second person is Kim. I didn't see her as a major threat until the merge. Even then I wanted the threat to be Chelsea because she seemed more like the person who could make it far. Kim has been crazy good since the merge. She kept her close 3 of her, Chelsea and Sabrina, but reeled in enough numbers to get where she wanted to be. She has Kat, Alicia and Christina convinced that it's the 6 girls and then go from there, and she kept Jay and Troyzan long enough to get rid of Mike and Jay, the two single biggest physical threats left of the men. She should win (as of right now), and it will take a miracle to get a man into the final 6, let alone the final 3. Kim is killing it right now, and her confidence in her women alliance to not play her immunity idol showed that.

I love the game of Survivor, and while this season has had it's ups and downs, I will continue watching until they end the series (which I hope is NEVER). I had a few problems with this season, like the one beach for the two tribes and the abrupt change of tribes to a quick merge, but it's been better than the last couple. There are some smart players, and that is always good to see. Now to the power rankings:

1. Kim - duh. Hidden immunity, power alliance she's the head of...nuff said...
2. Sabrina - 2nd smartest in her alliance, but doesn't see that she's 2nd to Kim...yet...
3. Chelsea - Kim won't vote her out, and she's obviously the 3rd in the final 3 that has the power
4. Kat - she's the 4th wheel, but isn't in danger anytime soon
5. Alicia - I wish she was at the bottom, but she's here because she's a woman and not Christina
6. Christina - yet again, only here cuz she's a woman
7. Tarzan - highest male because he's not a physical or strategic threat so he's least likely to get voted off
8. Leif - a definite physical threat, but not too smart and won't work anything to keep himself in the game
9. Troyzan - totally got tricked by the girls to vote Mike off and now is next unless he gets immunity...sad