Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Survivor Post

I know I'm a few days late blogging about the latest Survivor episode, but better later than never. Another predictable episode, and I really feel this season is going the way of the Boston Rob season. Nobody seems to care that Kim has pretty much won, outside of Kat. Yes, I believe I said Kat is the only one who can oust Kim, weird. Shows you what kind of a season we have. Let's review the cast of players we have left in our power rankings, with how I feel their chances at winning are...

1. Kim - Who else would be #1? She's got all the control...so much so that she has had her name thrown about at Tribal the last 2 times and was so utterly confident that she didn't play her immunity idol...wow

2. Sabrina - playing a great game, but if she doesn't take out Kim (which she won't...yet...I hope she does) she is going to have to settle for watching Kim's name come up again and again in the finale

3. Chelsea - Sitting so pretty as Kim's right hand girl, but one thing I've learned watching many seasons of Survivor; the sidekick to the best player doesn't go anywhere...make a move Chelsea...make a move!

4. Kat - Based on the preview for the next episode, she might flip-flop with Alicia, but for now she's still here. I think she might wise up and make a big move, but she'll have to convince Alicia...good luck

5. Alicia - I think she might be a better player than I'm giving her credit for, but I doubt it...she did team up with Colton...huh

6. Christina - Only here because she's the 6th in her alliance...the "doesn't deserve to still be here" tag at the last reward challenge definitely stings

7. Tarzan - How did he not get the "doesn't deserve to still be here" tag? Doesn't matter, he's only there because he's no threat and he'll vote however he's told...an easy swing vote to take out the power 3 if the bottom 3 girls get their act together

Kim needs to make Alicia feel welcome in her small alliance, like taking her to rewards, but not distance herself from Kat and Sabrina who could take her out. If Sabrina gets smart she'll see she's not going to beat Kim in the end and vote her out, utilizing Kat's hurt feelings, Christina's lack of strategy and Tarzan's vote. Someone needs to take out Kim, and if they do and make it to the final 3 they have the million locked up. Not sure who can/will...but that seems to be the only way anyone but Kim doesn't win. I didn't see Kim being *this* good or having such a solid game, but she's reminding me of Parvati in Fans vs. Favorites without the overly-flirtatious personality. Cunning, smart and the best new player we've seen in a while...