Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Survivor Post

I know I'm a few days late blogging about the latest Survivor episode, but better later than never. Another predictable episode, and I really feel this season is going the way of the Boston Rob season. Nobody seems to care that Kim has pretty much won, outside of Kat. Yes, I believe I said Kat is the only one who can oust Kim, weird. Shows you what kind of a season we have. Let's review the cast of players we have left in our power rankings, with how I feel their chances at winning are...

1. Kim - Who else would be #1? She's got all the control...so much so that she has had her name thrown about at Tribal the last 2 times and was so utterly confident that she didn't play her immunity idol...wow

2. Sabrina - playing a great game, but if she doesn't take out Kim (which she won't...yet...I hope she does) she is going to have to settle for watching Kim's name come up again and again in the finale

3. Chelsea - Sitting so pretty as Kim's right hand girl, but one thing I've learned watching many seasons of Survivor; the sidekick to the best player doesn't go anywhere...make a move Chelsea...make a move!

4. Kat - Based on the preview for the next episode, she might flip-flop with Alicia, but for now she's still here. I think she might wise up and make a big move, but she'll have to convince Alicia...good luck

5. Alicia - I think she might be a better player than I'm giving her credit for, but I doubt it...she did team up with Colton...huh

6. Christina - Only here because she's the 6th in her alliance...the "doesn't deserve to still be here" tag at the last reward challenge definitely stings

7. Tarzan - How did he not get the "doesn't deserve to still be here" tag? Doesn't matter, he's only there because he's no threat and he'll vote however he's told...an easy swing vote to take out the power 3 if the bottom 3 girls get their act together

Kim needs to make Alicia feel welcome in her small alliance, like taking her to rewards, but not distance herself from Kat and Sabrina who could take her out. If Sabrina gets smart she'll see she's not going to beat Kim in the end and vote her out, utilizing Kat's hurt feelings, Christina's lack of strategy and Tarzan's vote. Someone needs to take out Kim, and if they do and make it to the final 3 they have the million locked up. Not sure who can/will...but that seems to be the only way anyone but Kim doesn't win. I didn't see Kim being *this* good or having such a solid game, but she's reminding me of Parvati in Fans vs. Favorites without the overly-flirtatious personality. Cunning, smart and the best new player we've seen in a while...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Survivor: One World

After a 10 month haitus we're back to blogging about Survivor! First of all, the idea of Men vs. Women wasn't the most original or brilliant idea, but it WAS working. I felt they switched up the tribes at the right time, but merged WAY too fast after that. It didn't really change the game *that* much to be worth doing since they merged the next episode. It seemed they wanted to end the men vs. women aspect but didn't want to merge that early. I dunno...but whatever. I'm only going to spend this blog talking about the two people who have played the game well in this season. Everyone else is a follower, so they don't deserve getting talked about in this blog. Maybe when there's less people to talk about as the season goes along we can discuss some of the lamer people left.

First person is Colton. Now I'm not saying I liked the way he was playing, or think he's an awesome person. I *am* saying he was playing a pretty good game. He was in control of the game. Nobody on his tribe liked him, but they did what he said. They didn't want to blindside him even though they could've easily done it. He got them to go to Tribal when the had IMMUNITY and all of them agreed to do it. Nobody had that kind of blatant control with no repercussions outside of Boston Rob EVER in this game. Now, it's sad for him he had to get his appendix out, but I'm glad I don't have to watch him anymore. I don't wish any sickness or disease on anyone, but I'm glad he's out of the game.

Second person is Kim. I didn't see her as a major threat until the merge. Even then I wanted the threat to be Chelsea because she seemed more like the person who could make it far. Kim has been crazy good since the merge. She kept her close 3 of her, Chelsea and Sabrina, but reeled in enough numbers to get where she wanted to be. She has Kat, Alicia and Christina convinced that it's the 6 girls and then go from there, and she kept Jay and Troyzan long enough to get rid of Mike and Jay, the two single biggest physical threats left of the men. She should win (as of right now), and it will take a miracle to get a man into the final 6, let alone the final 3. Kim is killing it right now, and her confidence in her women alliance to not play her immunity idol showed that.

I love the game of Survivor, and while this season has had it's ups and downs, I will continue watching until they end the series (which I hope is NEVER). I had a few problems with this season, like the one beach for the two tribes and the abrupt change of tribes to a quick merge, but it's been better than the last couple. There are some smart players, and that is always good to see. Now to the power rankings:

1. Kim - duh. Hidden immunity, power alliance she's the head of...nuff said...
2. Sabrina - 2nd smartest in her alliance, but doesn't see that she's 2nd to Kim...yet...
3. Chelsea - Kim won't vote her out, and she's obviously the 3rd in the final 3 that has the power
4. Kat - she's the 4th wheel, but isn't in danger anytime soon
5. Alicia - I wish she was at the bottom, but she's here because she's a woman and not Christina
6. Christina - yet again, only here cuz she's a woman
7. Tarzan - highest male because he's not a physical or strategic threat so he's least likely to get voted off
8. Leif - a definite physical threat, but not too smart and won't work anything to keep himself in the game
9. Troyzan - totally got tricked by the girls to vote Mike off and now is next unless he gets immunity...sad

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, he is my favorite male Survivor of all-time, but thank God he won. The only other person that deserved consideration was Grant, and if it was Natalie or Philip, I might have quit watching Survivor all together. Boston Rob played a pretty flawless game, albeit overly paranoid at times. I just can't believe nobody tried to take him out earlier. Did anyone think that they had a chance against him in the final 3? Really? There's no way anyone but Grant stood a chance, and even then I think Grant might have only gotten 1 or 2 votes. I just can't believe Rob didn't win unanimously. Really Ralph? I guess I should have expected him to do something stupid, he can barely talk right and has the UGLIEST beard in history. But to not vote for Rob to win this season was unquestionably the dumbest thing he's done. Philip didn't even deserve to make it to the merge! The best part about the episode last night was the opening statements from the 3 finalists. Natalie and Philip both stated some version of being loyal to Rob as why they made it to the final 3. Trying to win a million bucks, but building up one of the other finalists is not the way to win. They both essentially said, "Yes, I'm sitting here, but only because of the guy in the middle. It wasn't my doing, it was his. Give him the million because I don't deserve it." I thought Ashley's statements were dumb, Julie was harsh on someone who didn't deserve it (Natalie) and David became my favorite Zap tribe member. I always liked David a little bit, and what he said was right. Rob was the only deserving and to vote otherwise would be stupid.

That being said, it closes out a great season of Survivor. This was one of the first Survivor seasons (at least that I can remember) where there was no "big move" by any player, no flipping come the merge, and the person most deserving actually won! I'm also just super excited for September (can't believe I have to wait 4 months!) and another season of Redemption Island. I liked the twist, but felt it should've ended at the merge. I like that people aren't always out when they get voted off, a twist that should be kept another season or two (kind of like Exile Island was around for a bit). The only thing is, I wonder who next season's returning players are. Are they from older seasons, or maybe someone like Brenda from Nicaragua? I feel like she has some unfinished business (to use Amazing Race's phrase) to take care of. All in all, I'm glad this show is going for a 23rd season. I think it's by far the best reality show on TV, and has the best host of any reality show as well.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I can't look at her anymore.

Nearing the End

Ok, we are getting close to the end of Survivor. I know there are still 11 in play for the million dollars, but I feel only 4 people that could actually walk away with the grand prize. Who they are, and why I think that way is what this post is for...

1. Rob - the most obvious choice to win, which is why he probably won't win, but he is the frontrunner. He has Ometepe (yes, they are Murlonio, but there is a definite tribal division) wrapped around his finger, is tough in challenges (obviously, he won the last one somewhat easily), and everyone votes for who he says. Yet, there is something he does that makes it seem to his people that he isn't their dictator. His most impressive performance yet in this game, and why he is my favorite male survivor of all time.

2. Grant - is anyone else playing the social game towards the non-Ometepe players better than him? He is quietly securing votes and doing extremely well at challenges. I honestly feel that if it's a physical challenge that doesn't involve puzzles, he has nobody to even challenge him. He could put on a Colby-like run, but he can't falter because I think he's the first Ometepe player gone if he doesn't win. Rob knows how dangerous Grant is, and probably will get rid of him "Matt style" in a flash if he can.

3. Matt - yes I know he is on Redemption Island...again...but he can't lose! If (and it's a BIG "if") he makes it through from Redemption Island and can secure immunity, he has a lot of respect from the people that will make up the jury in the end. Rob's hidden immunity idol (and potential lack of immunity) will be his only block to winning the million. He should be able to convince SOMEONE that Rob has the sure million and they will want to blindside him if he doesn't know it's coming...

4. Andrea - the only girl on my list, but the only one of the 3 Ometepe girls that has the smarts to do something to further herself in the minds of the jury. We know that the jury will be looking for a reason to NOT vote for Rob, and she could give a compelling argument, if she makes a good move or two to get rid of Rob and Grant. I think people will respect her game a lot more if she gets rid of one of those two...

Ashley, Natalie, Philip - none of these three has a shot at winning the money. I think at least 1 of them will make the final 3, just because of the fact they don't have a shot at winning the money. Natalie has the best shot at winning ANY votes, because she won immunity once, but none of them are players, and will get 0 votes.

Mike, Julie, Steve, Ralph - they won't make it far. The Ometepe bond is way too strong, and Matt won't let them beat him in a Redemption Island duel. No shot for them, they aren't making the right moves to get rid of Rob/Grant, and will be gone before you know it.

If I was not Rob, I would spearhead the QUIETEST blindside ever. You HAVE to get rid of him to win this season. I see no way you can beat him in the final vote unless you are Grant. That's why those two are 1-2 in the possibility of winning it all...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Dad is Cool...

Remember when you were little and your dad did something to embarrass you? It may have been something cheesy he said to your friend or maybe that "not cool" outfit he wore when he took you on an errand. The thought that lingered in my mind after last nights show was,"Aren't just glad Phillip is not your dad." See, there is pretty much nothing your dad could ever do that could be more embarrassing then being Phillip. Perhaps this sound rather cruel, but when you hunt for crabs in loose pink briefs, well... enough said (not to mention too much seen, of Phillip that is).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Updated Survivor Power Rankings - 3-24

After a haiatus from posting, I am updating my rankings as to who has the most power in the game at the current moment. I think #1 is the most obvious, as well as #2, but after that things seem to be a little fuzzy...

1. Rob - is there anyone that has more control over his tribe and his game right now? The hidden immunity idol is the kicker though, as he will have to be voted out TWICE to actually be eliminated.

2. Grant - a stud at challenges, and has the inside alliance with Rob that will be too tough to beat down the stretch. Easily could make it to the finale Colby-style, but is playing a good strategy being Rob's #2 guy, making himself less of a target while being just as strong a player.

3. Mike - while I don't think anyone from Zapatera really is in control, he is the biggest physical threat on their tribe (but don't ask Grant that), and seems to be cool, calm and collected, which is more than you can say for most of that tribe.

4. Julie - who saw the 50 year old firefighter chick being this high in the rankings at this point in the game? I sure didn't. The only person I could fathom to put ahead of her was Ralph for the sole fact that he has an idol. Julie is playing a solid game, seems to be on good terms with her alliance, and has never been on the chopping block.

5. Andrea - I like her more and more as the season goes along. She has the respect of Rob and Grant because she helps out at camp and does pretty well in challenges. She also seems to be smarter than I first pegged her as, and I think she could go pretty far in this game (especially if/when Matt gets back).

6. Ralph - I liked him for about 10 minutes of this season. I thought he was funny when he found the idol, but now I think he's an idiot. He only gets this high for the idol he has, but EVERYONE knows he has it cuz he's an idiot and without thinking blurted it out to piss off Russell. How has he not even been talked about being on the chopping block? Really Zapatera?

7. Ashley - she isn't as annoying as Natalie, and that's saving her. If she stepped it up around camp and quit being so friendly with Natalie (seriously? Scissors on your armpits and legs? Gross!) she could become a player with Rob and Grant. Maybe even make a power play with the girls and vote the boys off? She seems to passive to do a power move, and potential power doesn't translate to high rankings here...

8. Steve - While David is better for challenges and around camp, Steve is higher up in the alliance because he hasn't tried to stir things up. He looks like the worn down offensive lineman he is, and that won't help him when the merge comes. No strategy, just an alliance he is loyal to.

9. David - obviously he lost his bid to get Sarita off, but he gets points for trying something. Points don't get you high in the rankings when they're unsuccessful points. I like him somewhat, probably my second favorite on that tribe (surprisingly after Julie), just because he has the same strategy at this point in the game I would: win at all costs, alliance aside.

10. Natalie - won't last long, unless Rob carries her to the final so he gets more votes. She is weak, lazy, and is rubbing people the wrong way almost as much as Philip. At least she doesn't wear loose pink briefs right?

11. Philip - he gets this spot because his team is on a winning streak. The next to go on his tribe, and an idiot. I think I have nothing to really say on him this post. He can't be trusted at a merge, no telling WHAT he will say, and that's why he is gone asap.

12. Sarita - your team is on a losing streak, you put your hand up IMMEDIATELY when Probst asked for someone to sit out, you should be gone. Complaining about bacteria in your mouth should be the least of your worries on Survivor, man up, grow some juevos and outlast someone!

Two more quick scenario adjustments to this rankings based on if the merge happened RIGHT after the Matt-Stephanie duel on Redemption Island:

Matt wins - he goes to the middle, right above all Zapatera people. Does Rob really want him around longer than one of the girls with his duel-winning run? No. But will he keep him around long enough to hold numbers? Yes.

Stephanie wins - she catapults up to #1 because she holds the most important vote, but she holds that spot for maybe an episode. Zapatera tribe takes the bottom 6 spots because we know she won't stay with them.

Basically, unless Zapatera wins the next challenge, they are SCREWED. Throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell has really put them in a funk and they need to get out of that immediately to have a chance at making it far post merge. Their only other hope is that Ralph guesses who they're voting for, gives them the idol, and they pull off a successful blindside to last another week. I don't see the merge happening in the next 2 episodes, but I assume Redemption Island will be done with when the merge comes.