Friday, February 18, 2011

Survivor Power Rankings

While I don't really know much about the other tribe quite yet, it is clearly defined that Boston Rob is the man in this season so far. He has his 6 strong alliance which will kill at the merge, and everyone on said alliance doesn't dare backstab him.

Thus, here are the power rankings after 1 episode...albeit a little lame because we don't know much about loser Russel's tribe...

1. Boston Rob - Kristina pathetically tried to vote him off, and it blew up in her face, thus showing how powerful this guy really is and how much "celebrity" sway he has already in his tribe.

2. Russell - while I hate putting him here cuz he's an idiot, he clearly is in control (for now) of his tribe which did win the first immunity challenge.

3 - 15 have yet to truly come into the light, because none of them have blown it as badly as these last 3...

16. Secret Agent Man - I know his name is Phillip, but I think he will be nicknamed FBI or something for the remainder of the season. Is anyone really going to pull him into an alliance or secret vote anymore at all? That was the best tell-all at tribal I have EVER seen!

17. Kristina - the immunity idol and some semblance of strategy should put her above Phillip, but she is ridiculously stupid! Blindsiding your best player at the first tribal, without numbers, using a VALUABLE immunity idol to do it is downright STUPID

18. Francesca - Sorry, the tribe has there anyone out there that thinks she will last on Redemption Island by herself?


  1. I think the BEST part about Phillip being a "Former Government Agent" is that the Survivor producers put a "?" after it! AHHAHAHAHA!

    But, I agree completely. Francesca was just annoying from the first two minutes, and Kristina was an idiot. And Boston Rob is awesome. It was hilarious when he went off to get firewood and randomly the entire tribe (besides those three) just followed him. Haha!

  2. i know! the power rob has over them is ridiculous...i cant wait for the merge when russell (if he's still around) and rob can go at it!