Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode One. Yes.

Boston Rob is back. This is exciting.

Last season the most exciting part of each night was seeing if Dan would be able to walk three steps at a time or just two. This season is already much better.

I was greatly amused by Rob and Russell's respective greetings. Rob stepped off the plane and everyone started cheering. Russell showed up and there was silence-- broken only by an "OH NO!".


The first Immunity Challenge was already nerve-wracking. I was watching the show with a friend and she threatened to leave if I didn't stop standing on the couch, screaming. Of course, that challenge was really not very fair. Russell's team has five guys and one lady who I'm pretty sure is actually a guy. Rob's team had only four guys, and one of those guys was a crazy "former government agent", so.... Yeah. It was actually quite  impressive that Rob's team managed to gain so much ground on the puzzle. If Rob had been on the other team that challenge wouldn't have even been close.

Although, it was excruciatingly depressing to have Russell's team win the first challenge, at least that meant we didn't have to see very much of him for the rest of the episode.

The tribal council was just WOWZIE KAZAM! Kristina, Francesca (or Franquesca...I've heard it both ways...;-D), and the former government agent are literally just annoying brilliance. I was fascinated by Kristina's idea that because she had the idol (and three votes), she would be able to overthrow Boston Rob and his 6 votes. That was well-thought out. I am quite pleased with who was voted out. I would have been even more delighted to see Kristina (and the idol) gone, but this was still pretty awesome. All three members of that now-imploded alliance (from what I gather, the only members left are Kristina and the idol-- which I'm sure she'll count as five people) did not understand the concept of a Tribal Council. AMAZING!

The best moment of the episode for me, was the one pictured at the top of this post:

The former government agent WOULD NOT TELL A LIE and informed Boston Rob of everything his alliance had been planning to do. (I don't even want think about the vital secrets of our country's defense being entrusted to him: "Mr. Castro, I have something to tell you. I am not trusted member of your inner group of advisers. I'm actually a US government agent. Okay, now, that we have that little falsehood cleared up...we'll be able to work together much better!") At the climax of this awesome confusion, Boston Rob asked Kristina to give him the idol...she totally almost did. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Boston Rob literally has that much power over these people that he's totally allowed to just ask for an enemy alliance member's immunity idol in the middle of Tribal Council and it's seems normal.

Anyway, it was an awesome premiere and I hope the rest of that alliance disappears soon so Boston Rob can dominate (more) and make it to the merge so he can take out Evil Russell (FINALLY). This is my wish. ;-D


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